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WEDNESDAY, July 7, 2004, 7:00 A.M.


In compliance with Commission Bylaws and Rules, a meeting notice announcing the date, time, location and agenda availability was mailed to the interested parties June 23, 2004.


A Special Telephone Meeting of the Central Interstate LLRW Commission was held Wednesday, July 7, 2004 for the purpose of taking action on export applications and assessments of Nebraska major generators.


Participating in the meeting via telephone were: Bernie Bevill, Arkansas Commissioner and acting Chairperson; Jim O’Connell, Kansas Commissioner; Greg Hayden, Nebraska Commissioner; Michael Henry, Louisiana Commissioner; Catherine Sharp, Oklahoma Commissioner; Ron Hammerschmidt, Kansas Alternate Commissioner; and Alan Peterson, Commission’s Legal Counsel.


Present in the Commission office, 1033 ‘O’ Street, Suite 530, Lincoln, Nebraska, was Rita Houskie, Commission Administrator; and members of the public, John DeOld and Fred Knapp.


The meeting was called to order at approximately 7:15 A.M. and all Commissioners responded to the roll call.  No requests by members of the public were made to speak during the general public comment period.


The Chair requested a motion to accept the following resolution on the Assessments of Nebraska Generators:


It is hereby resolved that Nebraska major generators Omaha Public Power District and Nebraska Public Power District, even though their state will not necessarily be in this Compact for the entirety of the fiscal year 2004-2005, nevertheless are assessed an administrative support fee in the amount of 25% of the amount charged other major generators for export permit fees, to be invoiced to each of them at the beginning of each quarter of the fiscal year, so long as the Commission is involved with Nebraska in the efforts to resolve litigation over the license denial, for the reason that those two generators still retain or claim a potential financial and waste disposal interest in the issues being litigated or negotiated in regard to that litigation.  For the period of July 1, 2004, through July 17, 2004, OPPD and NPPD will be deemed to have the right also to apply for an export permit covering that period if they so choose, using the standard application forms and, if granted, the above-mentioned first quarterly fee will be deemed to cover that period of export authorization.  The letters agreeing to these quarterly arrangements are attached and the terms therein are hereby approved.


Motion by Kansas, second by Louisiana, to approve the Resolution of the Assessments of Nebraska Generators.


                        Motion passed 4-0-1 (NE abstaining)



Motion by Louisiana, second by Kansas, to approve the federal export application for:


             Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare Systems, 2004-2005 (AR)


                        Motion passed 4-0-1 (NE abstaining)


Motion by Kansas, second by Oklahoma, to approve the non-federal export applications for:


             XenoTech LLC, 2004-2005 (KS)

             Louisiana State University, 2004-2005 (LA)

             University of Kansas at Lawrence, 2004-2005 (KS)

             Eagle Picher Pharmaceutical Services LLC, 2004-2005 (KS)

             Arkansas Children’s Hospital, 2004-2005 (AR)

             AEA Technology, QSA Inc., 2004-2005 (LA)

             Kelley Instruments, Inc., 2004-2005 (KS)


                        Motion passed 5-0



Motion by Kansas, second by Oklahoma, to approve the major generator export applications for:


             Entergy – Arkansas Nuclear One, 2004-2005 (AR)

             Entergy – River Bend Station, 2004-2005 (LA)

             Entergy – Waterford Three, 2004-2005 (LA)

             Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corporation, 2004-2005 (KS)


                        Motion passed 5-0



A member of the public who missed the general public comment period asked to speak at this time.



Motion by Kansas, second by Oklahoma, to adjourn the meeting.


                        Motion passed 5-0.


The meeting was adjourned at approximately 7:35 a.m.


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